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 Enter a reference to look-up here (help)

There are two ways to look-up a Bible passage with this tool. The first way is to enter the reference into the form and click on 'Look it up'. The second method is to click on the name of the book and then the name of the chapter.

How to format a Bible reference
This program uses the following format. Book chapter:verse
ex. Genesis 3:15

Both the chapter and verse are optional and so it is possible to simply type in Genesis or to simply type in Genesis 15.

The program also accepts abbreviations of the book names and partial spellings of the book names, so Genes, Gene, Gen, Ge will all give Genesis. The following is a list of book names and abbreviations

Genesis --> ge
Exodus --> ex
Leviticus --> le
Numbers --> nu
Deuteronomy --> de
Joshua --> jos
Judges --> jud
Ruth --> ru
1Samuel --> 1sa
2Samuel --> 2sa
1Kings --> 1ki
2Kings --> 2ki
1Chronicles --> 1ch
2Chronicles --> 2ch
Ezra --> ezr
Nehemiah --> ne
Esther --> es
Job --> job
Psalms --> ps
Proverbs --> pr
Ecclesiastes --> ec
Songofsongs --> so
Isaiah --> isa
Jeremiah --> jer
Lamentations --> la
Ezekiel --> eze
Daniel --> da
Hosea --> ho
Joel --> joe
Amos --> am
Obadiah --> ob
Jonah --> jon
Micah --> mic
Nahum --> na
Habakkuk --> hab
Zephaniah --> zep
Haggai --> hag
Zechariah --> zec
Malachi --> mal
Matthew --> mt
Mark --> mr
Luke --> lu
John --> joh
Acts --> ac
Romans --> ro
1Corinthians --> 1co
2Corinthians --> 2co
Galatians --> ga
Ephesians --> eph
Philippians --> php
Colossians --> col
1Thessalonians --> 1th
2Thessalonians --> 2th
1Timothy --> 1ti
2Timothy --> 2ti
Titus --> tit
Philemon --> phm
Hebrews --> heb
James --> jas
1Peter --> 1pe
2Peter --> 2pe
1John --> 1jo
2John --> 2jo
3John --> 3jo
Jude --> jude
Revelation --> re


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