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"Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies."
-Proverb 31:10

Our History

Virtuous Women's Ministry is an outreach ministry for women between the ages of 18 years of age and older. VWM cultivates relationships, creates a level of trust demonstrates love, shows sensitivity and a genuine concern for women's need: the ministry nurtures and serves women. VWM will instruct women from the Bible to come to know the Lord better, which will help them to recognize God's will for their lives.

Who? Minister Bea Arrington is the driving force behind the Ministry. God gave her the vision and the plan and she brought the vision to reality.

When? The ministry was established in 1998. In 2001, the Ministry received its 501c3 status. Additionally, the Ministry received its certificate of corporation in 2001.

Why? The founder saw a need. Women were suffering from a lack of spiritual enrichment. Women in various churches need a one-on-one mentoring relationship to get to the core of deep-seeded issues that an individual may have. Spiritual advisers are available to seek out their deep-rooted problems so that they can return to their churches with significant spiritual growth. Women need to know how to be virtuous. Knowing God and having mentors makes this a reality. There was a lack of this in many households. Because women are the back bones, or sometimes the heads, of Christian families, they often find themselves balancing their many roles as wife, mother, daughter, friend, etc. As such women come from miles around to vent and find healing and hope about things they cannot speak about with family members, even their parents. There is so much nurturing that the Ministry offers. We provide a sounding board and a channel of communication and comfort through our prayer line. Our ministry helps the old and the young and it transcends race, educational levels and income levels. We take pride in not only providing a nurturing network, but also in our commitment to confidentiality. We help women to regain or attain full control of their lives. And we teach them how to become virtuous.

Where? Initially, East Orange, New Jersey was the home of the Virtuous Women's Ministry. However, since its inception, the Ministry has grown tremendously and the 300 members hail from states near and far and include: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, South Carolina among others.

Each year, the Ministry seeks to improve upon its past accomplishments and to grow according to God's purpose.

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